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“Gegege no Kitaro” died at the cartoonist Shigeru’s 93-year-old Mizuki

  2015/11/30    news, sightseeing

Shigeru Mizuki of the famous cartoonist a masterpiece Gegege no Kitaro has died at the age of 93. Speaking of Mizuki’s, monster cartoon “Gegege no Kitaro” is masterpiece. Centerpiece of the old man, rat man, Nekomusume, sand over Auntie, child …


The explosion was in Yasukuni Shrine

  2015/11/23    news

The 23rd 10:00 around, the explosion was in Yasukuni Shrine of Kudankita Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.According to the Tokyo Fire Department, burning ceiling and the inner wall of the private room for men of the public toilet near the south gate, batteries …


If you want a NINJA experience,I recomend EIGAMURA!

  2015/11/19    kyoto

In Kyoto there is a theme park that reproduces the streets of the Edo period. It is recommended for those who want a ninja experience and samurai experience. Click here for details http://www.toei-eigamura.com/en/ Weekdays, Sundays and holidays Adults Junior High/ …


What is warship Island(GUNKANJIMA)?

  2015/11/16    sightseeing

Warship island (official name is HASHIMA)prospered by coal mines over the Showa era from the Meiji era. At the time, it was a population density of more than Tokyo. 2015, by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), including …


Employment information site for foreigners who want to work in Japan

  2015/11/15    job

This is a summary of the employment information site for foreigners who want to work in Japan. NINJA the temporary employees, part-time job and full-time job work in japan and Japanese companies overseas for work https://nextinjapan.com/ JAPAN CAREER provides the …


Mars curry is superb!

  2015/11/15    gourmet

Furiously highly original “Mars curry” is superb! To become once taste and completely addictive! Shop located JR Ikebukuro Station West near the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space. The signboard that says “first floor Mars curry underground” is mark. When I get …


2015 – 2016 Japan Car of the Year

  2015/11/15    car

Japan Car of the Year Executive Committee select the top 10 Best Car among the all the 45 units of nominated car. The 2015 – 2016 Japan Car of the Year would be determined from the 10 cars. ● Suzuki …

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Tofukuji Temple has about 2,000 of autumn leaves

  2015/11/15    kyoto

Tofukuji Temple has about 2,000 of autumn leaves. It is No.1 scale of Kyoto. You can see from Tsuten Bridge attractions Among the vast site of about 70,000 square meters. Peak in the November mid-late is in full bloom is …


Don Quixote is very popular shop in foreign tourists.

  2015/11/14    shop

Cheap Hall of Fame Don Quixote is very popular shop in foreign tourists. Because grocery, candy, clothing, it is because it medicine, a wide range of assortment from electrical appliances to brand-name goods. Of course, it is recommended to the …


Popular air cake in Nara

  2015/11/14    sweets

Located in a short walk from Nara Park “air cake.” In it is famous for and enjoy fluffy sweets and café. Pointed pretty shape distinctive air cake, such as wearing a hat popular products. It is very popular also introduced …


Life-size Gundam in Tokyo

  2015/11/08    anime

RG1 / 1 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.GFT “has been installed in the diversity Tokyo Plaza Festival Square, you can see for free. Together with this life-size Gundam statue “RG1 / 1 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.GFT” new decals, and add detail up parts …


God of water (simple water purifier for pet bottle)

  2015/11/07    Made in Japan

The foreign tourists ultra-popular is MIZUNOKAMISAMA(the god of water). In particular, many Chinese tourists will return to buy it.In the background because they worried about the cleanliness of their own water. MIZUNOKAMISAMA(the God of water) in the simple water purifier, …


AISEKIYA is that women unlimited time all you can drink for free!

  2015/11/05    izakaya(tavern)

  Women can drink the food and drink for free. It is such a tavern there in Japan. Women are free to drink with customers of other men at AISEKIYA.


Nijo Castle Sightseeing Guide

  2015/11/04    kyoto, sightseeing

Nijo Castle is popular for travelers because you can explore its interior on your own. The Tokugawa shougun’s Kyoto home stands in stark contrast to most of Japan’s other remaining castle, which were constructed purely for defense. Ironically, it was …


Tenka-ippin Ramen in Kyoto

  2015/11/03    kyoto, ramen

Tenka-ippin (which means the best in the world), is a chain of ramen (Chinese-style noodles served in a hot soup) stores founded in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. Tenka-ippin ramen’s soup is the kotteri (thick type). If you visit Temka-Ippin,Clerk ask …


Kyoto Imperial Palace (Kyoto Gosho) open to public

  2015/11/03    kyoto

This is where the imperial family lived from 1331 until 1868 when they moved to Tokyo. The palace was destroyed several times by fire; the present building date from 1855. You can visit the palace only on a free, 1-hour …

Senbon(Thousand) Torii

The popularity of Japan spot are selected by foreign reviews

  2015/11/03    kyoto, sightseeing

Do you know the tripadviser sightseeing rankinng in japan? The popularity of Japan spot are selected by foreign reviews. It is surprising spot also ranked for japanese people! No.1 sightseeing spot is Fushimi-Inari- Taisha Shrine (KYOTO) Fushimi Inari Taisha has …


SEKAI CAFE ASAKUSA for the vegan & Halal & Muslim

  2015/11/02    cafe

Japan has delayed correspondence of food for foreigners. Vegetarian proportion of travelers who come to Japan will have been said more than 10 percent. Cafe in the Asakusa also supports halal. You can see the food material that are used …

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The Kinkakuji Temple

  2015/11/02    kyoto

The Kinkakuji temple is a tourist spot that represents Kyoto. Historically it was made as a house of Yoshimitsu Ashikaga who made Kitayama culture to represent the Muromachi period. Built year:1397 Access: Kyoto from Kyoto Station Municipal bus 101, No. …


FUROUFUSHI ONSEN Secret hot spring in Japan

  2015/11/01    hot spring

  FUROUFUSHI ONSEN (immortality hot spring) is a secret hot water in the west of Aomori Prefecture. Sea of Japan is spread in front of the eyes, you can enter the open-air bath that is integrated with coast. http://www.furofushi.com/english

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